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   Best Aadhaar Enabled Payment System Software

Do you also want to Start a profitable business with little startup capital? If you answered “yes!” Then we have got you covered with the best Aadhar-Enabled Payment System portal. Itis a helpful starting point if you want to succeed in the banking industry as an admin. You can receive dependable AEPS software development services from PayRupees Software. This portal is basically used to raise awareness of Digital Banking in India’s less developed regions or rural areas and for them, reaching banks is nearly impossible. Therefore, AEPS services are thus advantageous for them in that situation as a bank substitute.The RBI bank came up with the concept of AePS to expedite the development of financial inclusion and make basic banking services like cash withdrawal, money transfer, and balance inquiries easier to access throughout India.

  • 1. Admin can On/Off any member service at any time
  • 2. You can add unlimited offline services
  • 3. Instant Complain Resolve through Ticket System
  • 4. Lifetime Free Technical Support
  • 5. No extra charges for future upcoming services

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AEPS Cash Withdrawl

 Any customer can withdraw cash from their bank account without going to the bank. In AEPS, you have to use an aadhaar card to withdraw cash, while in the mPOS machine, you can withdraw money using a credit or debit card. We also provide you with mATM integrated with mPOS software. You can earn commission on each & every cash withdrawal

Balance Enquiry

You can check your customers’ bank account balances using the advanced AEPS portals. These banking transactions also require the customer’s Aadhaar details, bank name, and fingerprint; after that, there can be a check bank balance detail on the screen.

Mini Statement

In AEPS software services you can check or download your account mini statement details easily. You can export your last transaction details by using an Aadhaar card through the AEPS service

Aadhaar Pay

Aadhar Pay services allow bank customers to withdraw cash of more than 10,000/- rupees in a day or the highest withdrawal limit fixed by your bank. This is the most trending service today used for cash withdrawal in AEPS.

UPI Collection​

With the help of this service, retailers can collect money from their customers via QR code.

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